tirsdag 30. januar 2018

Fresh start.

As You can see, my blog is empty and ready for new adventures. Just like me.
I woke up this morning, and suddenly I remembered my blog. But to just post another post, now one year after last time I wrote something here, it would feel like just another try. So I changed the colours, removed everything from the past, and now I am ready. 

I am now 38 years old, living in Trondheim, working at a photo store, and whenever I got time, I make pretty things with pretty paper. 

So I am a papergirl. 
But what is my «go-to» at the moment? 
I am stil working on my Project Life. And I love that. I even bought a new core kit that I have wanted to buy for quite a while. I am talking about the Strawberry Core Kit from Becky Higgins. I always thought it was pretty and inspiring to me. So now I am happy.

I am also trying out wired albums. I guess You can call it old school, cause it reminds me of the scrapbooks You see in american movies. So what I do is that I make layouts on each page like You can see in the picture. I am pretty new in that style, so I am stil trying to make it work for me. And I am trying to keep it flat and simple, cause the first album, and also my December Daily 2017 was difficult to keep locked when I was done with them. So I solved the problem with adding elastic band to it. 

What I am also doing these days is planning. I am not a full grown plannergirl yet, But I do have a Bullet journal that I am playing with. And I think it is funny. And smart too. Cause I really could need some structure in my life to remember everything. 

I used to make cards too, But I havnt done that for a really long time. Guess I got tired of that. 

And I also make my own embellishments! I will show them to You later. 

I got a daughter, and we sometimes pull out our stuff and play together. She loves stickers just like me, and my washitapes sometimes find their way pur of my room for strange reasons. 

I also have a YouTube channel, But because of my slow internet, I have been puting it on hold for a while. So that is when I found that I wanted to start blogging again. Cause I want to put out some pictures of what I am making. 

That was it for today. 
I will come back with more!

Love and Hugs from Kreatyra!